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Forex Trading in United Arab Emirates

Forex Trading United Arab Emirates

Dubai is the most important forex trading hub in the Middle East and the United Arab Emirates are at the center of the forex industry. The country's rapid economic expansion and Dubai's rising status as a global financial hub have attracted a lot of international talent and investment, and now the Emirates are the main connection point between Asia and Europe.

There are many reasons why the forex trading industry is rapidly growing in the UAE. Since the country enjoys some of the lowest taxes in the world along with some of the highest paying jobs, many talented people from all over the world have relocated in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and are now trading forex from there. Forex earnings are tax free for UAE residents and this is why many high income people working in the Emirates are also trading forex. This is turn has raised the interest of locals as well, who are now joining the forex market in large numbers.

To consolidate its status as a raising financial power, the city of Dubai hosts the largest Financial Forum and Forex Expo in the Middle East and Northern Africa region since 2007. This is where forex brokers from all over the world meet every year to showcase their latest technologies and attract wealthy customers.

Forex Brokers in Dubai and UAE

Dubai is the main gateway for the forex industry into the Middle East. This is where many multinational brokers have their Arabic customer service operations. People living in the Emirates have access to any broker and can take advantage of the latest technologies, the lowest spreads and the best execution in the industry.

Since there is no restriction for people in the UAE when it comes to forex trading, we recommend only the best forex brokers in the world, which are:

2. IC Markets   VISIT
3. Hot Forex   VISIT
4. IFC Markets   VISIT
5. Ava Trade   VISIT
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