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Forex Trading in Morocco

Forex Trading Morocco

Forex trading is gaining ground in Morocco as more and more Moroccans find out about the opportunities offered by the forex market. Thanks to the internet and online brokers, Moroccans can now trade forex even if they have a limited budget of only a few hundreds of dollars and make substantial profits from the rise and fall of currencies.

Trading forex is easy and can be very rewarding. If you buy 1,000 dollars at 9.7 Moroccan Dirhams per US Dollar you pay 9,700 Dirhams. If after some time you sell them back at a higher price of 10 Dirhams per Dollar, you will receive 10,000 Dirhams. This means that you earned 300 Dirhams just by holding the dollars for some time. This is the basis of forex trading.

Now imagine how much you could earn if you would buy 100,000 dollars instead of 1,000. While this may sound out of budget, it is actually achievable by trading forex professionally using a forex broker.

A broker will offer leverage of up to 400:1 meaning that you can trade 100,000 dollars even if you have only 250 dollars. This is done to speed up trading and increase profits in a market where fluctuations are small. By using leverage you can double your investment in a single day, but you can also lose it all.

Forex Brokers in Morocco

Moroccans are free to register with the leading forex brokers in the world, since everything is done through the internet. This means they can trade forex using the most advanced trading platforms and the best trading conditions.

Below is a list of the best forex brokers for Moroccans:

1. Pepperstone   VISIT
3. IC Markets   VISIT
4. Hot Forex   VISIT
5. Ava Trade   VISIT
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